U-Shin Ltd.
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Minebea (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
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Became an official partner of the Cambodia National Football Team.
MinebeaMitsumi Company
Introducing MinebeaMitsumi, which aims toward further growth and development as a comprehensive precision parts manufacturer.
Bed Sensor System™ | eMinebea
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"We aim to support user activities by detecting the body movement of users."
Introducing our Bed Sensor System™ that detects any behavior on the bed in a non-invasive and non-contact manner.
Smart City Solutions | eMinebea
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Energy saving by dimming. We are realizing our Smart City Solutions start with high quality wireless-controlled streetlights installation.
SALIOT by MinebeaMitsumi
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Introducing our new LED lighting SALIOT (Smart Adjustable Light for the Internet Of Things).
Integrated Reports
Integrated Reports
Integrated Report that summarized our values from the perspective of ESG.
Introducing MinebeaMitsumi Group's approach to our sources of value creation and sustainable growth.
MinebeaMitsumi Investors
Introducing performance, financial data, a variety of IR documents, and the like for investors.


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